Saturday, 21 January 2017

Short Sufi Story.... A disciple asked the Sheikh,“ O my true Sheikh, father of my soul, which is the sweetest honey in the world? There are so many kinds of honey. and all are sweet to the taste, but I want to know which one will dispel my karma, my sins. and the hunger of my soul? Which is the most exalted honey for the body and for the soul?" The Sheikh spoke. “Son, that is the honey of the qualities of God. His selfless duties, His actions, and His non-attached service. It is the honey of His three thousand gracious attributes, which give peace and comfort to all lives, honey mingled with His grace, honey that melts and oozes from the flower which blooms with the fragrance of wisdom.When that melting honey cascades from the Bower of the heart, it attracts all lives to the love that soothes the heart.The honey of grace is the honey which all lives savor. It is the most exalted honey. “In both the world of the souls and the next world, for the cage of the body, for the soul, for God, and for everyone, this is the honey which every life will taste, enjoy, and praise. One who realizes its incomparable flavor will understand its exaltedness, its benefits, and its bliss.”


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