Friday, 17 October 2014

Kabir Sahib Sukhiya sab sansar hai, Khaye aur soye Dukhiya dass kabir hai, Jaage aur roye........ Translation: The world is joyfull That eats, drinks and is in peace Fated but is poor Kabir (the seeker) Stays awake and weeps......... ******************************************************************************* Download ebook of Kabir Das Anurag Sagar (Ocean Of Love) click oue website link


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Real definitions of Wisest, Richest and Poorest - By Baba Farid.

Real definitions of Wisest, Richest and Poorest... Baba Farid said four questions were put to 700 saints and all of them gave the same reply.
These questions were:

1. Who is the wisest? "One who rejects the world "; they replied.
2. Who is the most saintly? "One who does not get changed at everything."
3. Who is the richest and the wealthiest of all men? "One who is content."
4. Who is the most needy? "One who gives up contentment"

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